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Vitra All Plastic Chair

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At first glance, the All Plastic Chair is reminiscent of the simple, classic wooden chairs that have been common in Europe for many decades. However, its performance and appearance have been significantly enhanced by adapting to an alternative material. The high-performance plastic used makes for a robust, durable chair suited to indoor and outdoor use due to its resistance to sunlight and water.

The flattened forms of the frame are moulded in a single piece, while the thin seat surface is organically shaped. The backrest is more finely modelled than those of conventional wooden chairs. As a result, the chair is strikingly compact and graceful, and extraordinarily comfortable.

The backrest is connected to the frame by twin shafts cushioned with rubber buffers, which allow it to flex gently in response to the sitter's movements, further enhancing the chair's comfort.


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Care Instructions:

Clean with a soft damp cloth and water. Do not use chemical cleaners on any surfaces. Avoid leaving liquids sitting on the wood as this can cause small spots and permanent marks - wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Avoid rubbing the surface while cleaning

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