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06.03.2024 | People

At home with Città: Margot’s favourite designs

Happy International Women’s Day! At Città, we take pride in our team of more than 100 talented women, including our visionary female founder and CEO, Margot Acland.

Margot started her career as a chartered accountant before deciding to follow her creative drive to make something of her own. After an inspiring trip to Italy in her early 30s, she founded a business importing and wholesaling hand-painted Italian ceramics.

This venture laid the early foundations of Città, and over the past 35 years, we have evolved to become an esteemed New Zealand design brand.

Margot welcomed us into her Auckland home and shared what she loves about her favourite Città and Vitra designs.


Vitra Jean Prouvé Fauteuil de Salon Armchair
I love the Jean Prouvé armchair for its perfect blend of beauty and practicality. They’re comfortable, easy to move around, and everyone who comes to visit us loves them.

In our Città stores, we carry a curated selection of Vitra products and look forward to expanding this range. Our direct relationship with Vitra also allows us to order any products, including customisable furniture pieces like this.


Halo Ceramics
The Halo ceramics have a beautiful form—modern, but slightly classical with its lip detail. I take joy in cooking simple food and plating it in bowls that I’ve collected over the years. I might serve a basic risotto alongside roasted carrots; and as everyone sits down, they exclaim how amazing the spread looks! It's incredible how the right bowls and dishes can elevate an dining experience.


AB Table Lamp
The AB lamp pairs artisan glass-blowing with sophisticated technology. The design is really technical and intricate in the way it connects. The dimmable LED light allows you to create the perfect ambience.


Fossil Vase
Glass vases can get dirty easily, so we designed the Fossil vase as a ceramic solution. I love the subtle, irregular form and the intentionally narrow neck. It doesn’t require a big display—it makes a statement with just one or two garden stems.


Vitra Wooden Doll
I find these really addictive. What began with just two in the bedroom has now expanded to eight scattered across the house! I’ve also given them as presents to both of my daughters on various occasions.

The dolls were first designed in the 1950s and remain relevant today. Each one is meticulously hand-painted, and effortlessly complement any room they’re displayed in.


Cushion Covers
For 20 years now, we’ve been recognised for our cushion covers. Our textile designer, Imogen Tunnicliffe, has been with us for 19 of those years, and we’re just so lucky to have her. Imogen holds a master’s degree in fine arts, and was an exhibiting artist before joining Città.

What sets us apart is our use of high-quality fabrics and Imogen’s unique designs. Because cushions are an integral part of our foundation, we’ve just got better and better at them. Remarkably, we still collaborate with the same manufacturers we partnered with two decades ago.


Discover Margot’s favourite designs online and in Città stores. For product enquiries, including Vitra orders, please contact