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Ornamental: Autumn / Winter 2018

Città Autumn 2018 draws inspiration from Vienna, known for its lavish palaces, cultural buildings and galleries – as ornate as their works of art. It’s this ornamentation that draws the eye, from gilt-edged architecture, to spun sugar cakes, to glittering chandeliers and embellished couture.

This collection celebrates the intersection of fashion and design and embraces decoration in a contemporary way. But rather than 18th Century opulence, this is luxury reimagined in today’s materials for modern spaces. Designs subtly combine form, function and beauty.

Colours tell a tale of two cities. One cloaked in winter, with ice-white skies, snow-heavy trees and the cool, sugared-almond hues of Dove, Apple, and Frost that adorn buildings decorated like wedding cakes.

In contrast are the jewel-like colours of Merlot, Peacock, Forest, Plum and Fig. These are strong and clear, softened by the warm neutrals of Cashmere, Nougat, Caramel and Riesling.

Unsettle the equilibrium this season with Città's Winter 18 capsule collection, with the introduction of regal Carmine and Quince tones to warm the mood during muted winter months.

New graphic hero cushions in carbon black and chalky white feature bold iconography and marbled detailing. Velvet bedspreads and the purl knit throws add comfort during colder nights.

Luxury stretches from inside the home to outside, with soft leather accessories in Merlot and Ink, alongside chunky knit scarves which tuck up around the neck to fend off the cold.

This winter Città invites you to live lavishly, with luxurious textures, graphic patterns and mulled wine tones.

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