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compagnie de provence

Compagnie de Provence combines traditional methods with contemporary designs to create luxury home and body products.

CDP brand page

Kind to your skin and cruelty-free, Compagnie de Provence uses traditional French methods to create their collections of natural skincare and homecare.

Compagnie de Provence originates in Marseille, a southern French city famed for its soap production since the 17th Century. Compagnie de Provence draws inspiration from the region’s traditional soap cube, reinterpreting it into a unique liquid version. Like its solid ancestor, the liquid version is made from vegetable oils and is crafted in a cauldron following authentic, age-old manufacturing methods.

In recent years, the range has expanded to include hand creams, candles, diffusers and cleaning products. Compagnie de Provence’s home and body products also incorporate fragrances created in Grasse—considered the world’s capital of perfume.

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The original range from Compagnie de Provence adds a fun and colourful touch to your home with traditional Provencal scents including: Olive Wood, Fig of Provence, Aromatic Lavender, Pink Grapefruit, Fresh Verbena, Cotton Flower, Wild Rose and Mediterranean Sea.


Enriched with the skin nourishing benefits of shea butter, this range of products combines expert skincare with minimalist graphic design. The range includes moisturising Marseille Soap, Hand Cream and Body Balm.