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about us

We are a New Zealand design company that creates beautiful furniture and homeware for every room in the home.

It all begins in our studio in Mt Eden, Auckland. Our design team starts with a blank sheet of paper. Through research, imagination, collaboration, inspiration, our furniture, lighting and textiles take shape.

We believe the things we surround ourselves with should give us pleasure. Whether it’s a dining table, a beach towel or as simple soap dish – all should have beauty beyond their function, they should create joy, a moment of happiness, perhaps even a little fun.

purposeful, beautiful & original

At Città, we create objects with purpose. Whether an object’s purpose is to be functional or beautiful, or a bit of both, this philosophy has remained at our core since day one.

We also work with purpose in the way that we strive to partner with artisans & manufacturers to ensure our products are made ethically, sustainably & with respect to their provenance.

Our Antipodean roots give our products that relaxed, lived-in & modern, yet timeless feel that we are known for around the world.

It’s why we love texture & natural tones, mixed with prints inspired by the wanderlust adventures & insatiable curiosity of our in-house creators.

Each product is thoughtfully made to be mixed and matched across our seasonal collections, as well as working seamlessly with cherished pieces you already have at home.

Our homes tell our stories, and through creating objects of lasting affection, we aim to inspire you to tell yours.

design at our hearts

Imogen Tunnicliffe and David Moreland lead our product design team. Together they guide our team of talented designers as they explore a fascinating world through research, collaboration and imagination: overseeing the design process, creating furniture, lighting and textile designs, and developing seasonal themes and colour palettes.

Imogen, Head of Textile Design, graduated with a Masters in Fine Arts and has a background in printmaking. This, combined with a love of travel, has seen her live the artist’s life in New York and the UK before returning home to New Zealand, where she’s been with Città since 2003.

David, Head of Furniture and Product Design, gained his degree in 3D Design and developed his career in furniture design and production working for leading New Zealand design brands. David joined Città in 2014 to lead the growth and development of the furniture, product and lighting collections.

meet our design team 

fresh each season

A change of season means a shift in mood. Twice a year, we release a collection of objects of lasting affection. These pieces are designed to be mixed and matched across collections as well as work seamlessly with cherished pieces you already have at home.

For enduring style staples you will use every day, we also bring you our Città Essentials range – from linens to soft furnishings, kitchenware, travel and accessories.

You’re the curator at home. Sharing your personal stories through the objects that surround you to tell tales of adventure, romance and mystery.

Each season, we share a design story that is retold by you – through the way you live and bring its pattern, colour and texture into your home.