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AB Pendant Light

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The AB Pendant Light is the result of a collaboration between product designer Alex Buckman and Città’s 3D design team, David Moreland and Nikolai Sorensen.

The pendant celebrates the beauty of simple, organic forms combined with a pared-back material palette to complement a diverse range of interiors. The dimmable LED light source creates a subtle, sophisticated glow.

The shade is crafted by skilled artisans using traditional glass-blowing techniques. In the elaborate process, molten glass is handled on the end of a blowpipe and then mouth-blown into a fixed-shaped mould. This handcrafted nature may create some variations in colour if displayed in a group.


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Care Instructions:

To be fitted by a qualified electrician. Wipe clean using warm damp cloth. Avoid the use of scouring pads, scouring cream as they may damage the surface.

Additional Information:

Pendant to be fitted by a qualified electrician. The LED has a warranty of 50,000 hours or 3 years, replacement bulbs are available and need to be fitted by a qualified electrician. The pendant is affixed using 3x steel wires with adjustable fittings, meaning you can hang the pendant perfectly straight, even on an angled ceiling. Please note: there may be some imperfections like small air bubbles visible in the glass shade, colour variation can also occur between each shade, we do not classify these as faults because glass blowing is an organic hand made process.

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