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Wool Feature

15.06.22 | Materials

About: Wool, Aotearoa’s natural fibre

Wool is an enduring natural fibre with endless benefits, and we are fortunate to have it in abundance in Aotearoa.

An inherently renewable fibre, wool is the ultimate circular material - it is the most reused and recyclable fibre on the planet. Woollen items stand the test of time, lasting for decades, if not longer.

Wool is an intrinsically textural fibre and can be adapted into finely woven or highly textured items. It is a much-loved material in our design department at Città and is used to create many of our products from cushions and blankets to upholstery fabric.

“Wool is a wonderfully tactile material to work with and shines most brightly when its natural features are accentuated. It can manifest in completely different ways depending on how it is woven, what it is blended with, or how it is applied”, says Imogen, Città’s Head of Textile Design.

“Most importantly it's a highly sustainable material that is renewable, breathable, biodegradable, soft and warm, but also incredibly durable. New Zealand produces some of the best wool in the world and it is always a pleasure to be able to work with local materials.

Discover what makes wool so unique and versatile, and how to enjoy it for years to come.


Wool is naturally biodegradable, and once disposed of, it releases valuable nutrients and carbon back into the soil to be used again. It decomposes quicker than other fibres and makes for a beneficial layer to your compost bin or as a weed mat in your garden.

Suitable for all climates
The structure of the fibres enable wool to react to your body temperature, keeping you warm in cold temperatures while also keeping you cool in the heat.

Anti-bacterial properties
Lanolin is the natural oil and waxy substance found in sheep wool. It provides wool fibres with anti-bacterial properties from the fatty acids that inhibit any bacteria build up. Lanolin also contains strong conditioning properties and is easily absorbed by the skin, making for an exceptional moisturiser.

Caring for your wool
100% woollen items are relatively simple to care for. Because of its valuable anti-bacterial properties, the material has the ability to self-clean. To maintain the integrity of wool, avoid washing it too often. However, when it does require cleaning, we recommend a gentle cold hand wash and laying your items out flat to dry.

Landscape Images shot by: Taylor Brandon & Julian Schiemann