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Freight ItemNo
Outer Carton CBM0.01
Stock Threshold2
ColoursLight blue
Installation Instructions PDF
Web Description P3
Assembly Instructions PDF
AssociatedVariantColoursDuck Egg
AssociatedVariantSizesOne Size
BrandCitta Design
Care InstructionsKeep diffuser and sticks away from open flames. Avoid contact between fragrance oil and skin or eyes. Do not swallow. In case of contact with eyes; rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation continues consult your doctor.
CompositionPhenylethyl alcohol; 2-Phenoxyethyl isobutyrate; Diethyl malonate; dl-Citronellol; Trichloromethyl phenyl carbinyl acetate; Geraniol; 2-tert-Butylcyclohexyl acetate; Ethyl methylphenylglycidate; Nerol; Phenethyl phenylacetate; Phenethyl acetate; Benzyl be
Fabric Specifications PDF
Image OrientationPortrait
In Store OnlyNo
Online ColourDuck Egg
Online sizeOne Size
Online Tags
Product dimensions7cmdiax8.5cmh
Product Specifications PDF
Web Description P2