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Mum’s the word

Città's Head of Textile & Product Design Imogen Tunnicliffe shares her thoughts on Mother's Day and being Mum to five year old Rose and three year old Tom.

What does your ideal Mother’s Day look like?

It would start with a sleep in! Then cuddles in bed with the kids, and hopefully I’d get to read my book in bed with a cup of coffee for a wee while. It would be a brilliantly sunny day of course, and I’d love to potter around the garden with the kids following me around and playing. We have a large garden that needs more attention than it gets! My partner would be making me a delicious breakfast while this is all happening too!

Lunch with my mum, and the kids would be lovely, and then a few glasses of bubbles and a laugh in the afternoon somewhere sunny with some friends.

What has surprised you most about being a Mum?

A few things:
Being a working mum, I knew I’d be busy, but you just don’t know how busy until it happens to you!

The intensity of feeling you have for the wee fellows.

How HARD it is to see them hurt, sad, left out, struggling, trying to fit in etc.

All the clichés you think you’ll never succumb to as a parent! And all the clichés they act out as children! You just can’t escape them….
What can you see in Rose and Tom that they have learnt or picked up from you?

We grew up with animals, and I have always had a particular love of them, they really do make life feel better. I see this in Tom. He loves all kinds of animals, from tigers to lizards, and is fascinated by them. We used to love Our World (showing my age!) as kids, and they both love nature shows…and David Attenborough.

Rose loves collecting things, and arranging them. This is something I did as a child, and picked up from my mum and dad as they loved art and objects and we had a lot of lovely, interesting things to look at in our home. The contents of her school uniform pockets are fascinating, and I really enjoy seeing how she groups and displays them in her room.

What’s your favourite thing about being a Mum?

How happy they make me. And being loved back unconditionally is a pretty great feeling.

They both are very funny too, (do all parents say that about their kids?!), and we can all have a genuine giggle together.

I also love the fact we have formed our own little family.