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Father & Daughter's Day Out

With Father’s Day just around the corner our lovely stylist Sam takes some time out to spend a day with her dad and shares what makes him special, and how he inspires her.

Dad’s ideal day is one that starts with coffee and crumpets – there’s something comforting about the ritual of making coffee in the morning. I’m sure it’s the smell of a fresh brew wafting upstairs that drags him down.

After that there'd be a walk anywhere near water (with an afternoon kip thrown in for good measure too). I remember many times as a kid that a walk around the marina or visits to boat stores were disguised as ice cream trips... we most definitely still got the ice cream though, so it was a win-win on both sides!

I’m always calling on dad to help with set building logistics for photoshoots. No matter how vague or unworked the concept is, he always manages to find a way to help translate the idea that’s in my mind!

My dad is the biggest goof, constantly throwing the dad jokes at a quick smart pace. It’s hard to hang around him without a smile on your face.

I asked dad for his best dad joke material:

“I was thinking..”
“I thought I smelt something burning.”

“You alright?”
“Nah, I’m all left.”

“How do I look dad?”
“With your eyes.”

“I’ll call you later!”
“Don’t call me later, call me dad.”

Dad has shown me what it is to have a curious mind and an adventurous heart. He sure is the greatest best friend a girl could ask for!