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Head of Textile & Product Design

imogen tunnicliffe

Imogen joined the Città team in 2004 as the first in-house designer for the brand. Over the years, the in-house team has grown and become an integral part of the company.

With a Masters in Fine Arts, majoring in Print, Imogen started her career as an artist, exhibiting work both in New Zealand and overseas. As Head of Textile Design for Città, Imogen oversees all aspects of the design process and is directly responsible for developing, researching and designing the seasonal collections, alongside her team.

“Developing ideas with knowledge behind you creates design with meaning - it gives you a story to tell. Storytelling is key as it helps people connect to a design and attach their own meaning to it.”

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Head of Furniture & Product Design

david moreland

David Moreland joined the Città team in 2014 as a contributing furniture and product designer and now heads up the Furniture and Product Design team.

Since gaining a degree in 3D Design at Unitec, David has developed his career primarily in furniture design and production. He worked for David Trubridge, manufacturing steam-bent timber furniture and spent eight years as a designer and head of production at Simon James Design.

At Città, David is excited about the future scope and possibilities for the brand, which is a growth process he enjoys being a part of.

“The scale of the production is amazing, which opens up all sorts of opportunities. This makes the scope of a project so much wider and the possibilities far more open.”

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Furniture & Product Designer

nikolai sorensen

Nikolai joined the Città Furniture and Product Design team in 2016. Starting in the engineering industry, Nikolai later returned to study and completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design at AUT in Auckland. Following this, he co-developed a furniture brand specialising in low-cost furniture with high design aesthetic and spent two years in a product design role at New Zealand manufacturing firm Sistema.

At Città, Nikolai is involved with the design and development of all furniture, lighting and heads the design team for accessories.

“I really enjoy the conceptualisation phase of the design process, whether it’s modelling in CAD, prototyping 1:1 in cardboard, or 3D printing scale models. It’s exciting to see those initial ideas turn into physical products.”

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